DC Comics Reveals New Trans Non-Binary Superhero Named Circuit Breaker

Fox News Digital reported recently that DC Comics would publish a comic series featuring a transgender and non-binary superhero named “Circuit Breaker”, on Valentine’s Day.

In a January Twitter post, Alan Kaplan, “a cartoonist who digs gay psychedelia, horror, and superheroes,” revealed the new DC character and identified the superhero’s pronouns as “he/they.”

“Meet Jules Jourdain (he/they, aka Circuit Breaker. ‘Can a new hero channel the inexorable Still Force energy to fend off evil?'” Kaplan wrote.

Kaplan answered a Twitter question regarding Circuit Breaker’s gender identity.

Andre Shea is the DC Comics editor. He stated via social media that the transgender superman will be a hit addition to Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

Shea thanked Kaplan for “breathing life into Jules Jourdain’s first adventure this February, in which our new hero or cursed? Is it blessed?

“Still Force” energy is described as the opposite of “Speed Force,” which is the superpower of the famous DC hero the Flash. However, the comic book company has not yet released additional information about Circuit Breaker’s powers.

Shea described the new superhero as “the prettiest and most fabulous cowboy,” and noted that DC Comics was “so lucky for the brilliance and world of Alan.”

Shea wrote: “Working with @alkcomics was an unstoppable pleasure ride to build this incredible character and plan the roads ahead. ”

DC Comics announced Circuit Breaker’s debut on February 14th but didn’t mention that the superhero was transgender or nonbinary.

DC was asked by a Twitter user: “Hey DC! Are you going to tell us what this trans-character is? “What’s the deal? ”

Fox News Digital reported that the official synopsis for the new superhero didn’t mention the character’s gender identity.

“NEW THREATS WILL RISE! When the Lazarus storm touches down, people from every walk of life stand to be affected,” the synopsis stated. “People who are kind, people who are good…and people who are evil. This epic issue will spotlight the…disastrous new villains created by the Lazarus event and the heroes who stand ready to stop them from doing harm.”

DC Comics has repeatedly come under fire for pushing woke agendas and transgender ideology.

The January storyline in which Batman villain, Joker, becomes pregnant and gives birth to a child was ridiculed by the comic book company

In 2021, DC Comics announced that Superman is bisexual. They introduced a story where Superman meets a woman.