Damn Lies and Democrats

I wrote a few days back about Joe Biden’s life full of lies. Biden has spent his entire public life lying about everything, then lying about it all. Although he is a serial congenital liar, his donkey party doesn’t think he’s alone. Democrats are known for their ability to exaggerate, lie, and conflate.

Biden acolytes claim Joe Biden doesn’t need to see firsthand the illegal immigration crisis he has caused. It reminds me of Angels, which is one of my favorite moments in Democratland and the City of Lies. This would be Los Angeles, California.

Obama was President in 2010. Arizona was fed up with the constant influx of illegals, which were estimated to be 460,000 in 2010. In 2010, SB 1070 was passed. Democrats were mad over SB 1070, a broad immigration law. These are not happy nuts. They are raving nuts. Ed Reyes, a Los Angeles city council member, was the Oscar winner for best nut. LA banned official travel from Arizona by a 13-1 vote and prohibited contracts with neighboring states.

During the council debate, Ed Reyes claimed:

A passport is a must for American citizens. If an officer is having a bad day or feels my ID does not reflect me, I am able to be. . . deported, no questions asked. This is not American.

Yeah, you’re right, Einstein.

Other members of the same city council made the comparison between Arizona and Nazi Germany, and to the proposed law as the Holocaust.

A Primer:

Prior to Nazi Germany’s extermination of Jews, it had classified them as Untermenschen (inferior people) Jews lost their property, and the rest was destroyed. These Jews were German citizens. German Jews had to register and have papers that identified them as Jews… which was a pleasant Nazi Germany.

Gestapo, SS, and SA walked the streets of Germany. The Wannasse Conference was the final stage of the war. After that, Nazi Germany devised its plan and ordered the extermination of all Jews in all occupied territory. Nazi exterminators were killing children, men, and women so quickly that they couldn’t dispose of them. Thus, their mass murder crematoriums were created. Because it was cheaper than gassing, the Nazis burned living children in ovens.

Return to Arizona and Ed Reyes. You might be thinking: Jim, this is ridiculous. There is no way that this is real and it’s not a joke. Do you work for the Babylon Bee? Dear reader, we are dealing now with Hank Johnson’s party. He once asked a 3-star admiral if Guam would tip over if there were too many people on it.

Let’s look at the law.

The law will not allow those who are mentally or physically disabled to immigrate. It is clear in law that aliens can’t show “contempt for national sovereignty.” Those who wish to immigrate must not burden the state. Criminal records are prohibited. You can be sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for evading a deportation order. There are no additional hearings for deportation. Once you have been ordered to leave, you will be deported.

I can see Ed being burned to the ground and in a hostile mood.

Oops. My mistake. These are all parts of the federal immigration law… in Mexico.

Some parts of the Arizona law were not upheld on appeal, but many survived. As of today, it’s still in force. Do you remember the illegal population of Arizona in 2010? It was 460,000. It was 460,000 in 2020. 273,000. Wait, the number of illegals has dropped since AB 1070.