Critical Theory Is The Framework Used To Train Teachers

A Monday report found that California’s public schools are saturated with “divisive rhetoric and critical theory ideology”, as future teachers are trained in a “critical theory” framework. is a project of Legal Insurrection Foundation. It recently published a report titled “UC Schools of Education Report – Who Teaches Teachers?” By Dr. Brandy Shufutinsky examines the programs that are used to train future educators in the University of California Schools of Education.

The impact of UC-educated teachers on shaping the minds and future generations is significant. The report noted that UC-trained teachers have a significant impact on students. Therefore, it is important to examine the pedagogical frameworks used in schools of Education and teacher training programs for biases and politicization.

This study examines the curriculum used to train teachers and attempts to demonstrate how critical race theory entered the public education system.

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William Jacobson, founder of, told Fox News Digital that CRT and related ideologies had spread like wildfire through higher educational, professional schools, K-12 and military academies. It is unclear how this happened. The answer lies in the fact that CRT is deeply embedded within teachers’ colleges with ‘ethnic Studies’ as the primary vehicle. Through ‘Ethnic Studies” courses, teachers are trained to teach CRT.

According to the report, institutions that train teachers, such as colleges and preparation programs for teachers, use a teaching system based on critical theory ideology.

The report defines critical theory as “a critique of society that examines how power is used to oppress marginalized populations.” The theory of critical theorists believes that the privileged (men, white people, Christians, Marxists, and heterosexual people) are in control of society. They must be challenged through transformative practices to foster social change towards true democracy.

Dr. Shufutinsky said that the report gives a glimpse into how divisive rhetoric is moving from academia to K-12 classrooms.

Dr. Shufutinsky believes future teachers will be able to apply the principles of ethnic studies programs to other subjects, such as social studies and language arts.

Fox News Digital reported that Dr. Shufutinsky said that joint programs between the University of California Ethnic Studies Departments, and Schools of Education, are training teachers to apply critical theory ideology in K-12 classrooms.

The detailed report found that UC Berkeley Teacher Education Preparation was “most concerning” due to its handbook as well as identity statement being “riddled in critical theoretical concepts” which left no room for dissenting perspectives.

The study, which consists of 32 pages, also revealed that UCLA School of Education was “clearly influenced” by radical theory. UC Riverside School of Education used a “critical theory-informed social justification framework”, while UC San Diego School of Education examined education “through an equity lens” and “holds Cuba up as a positive role model.”

The report concluded that UC Irvine’s Master of Arts program in Teaching was not entirely negative. It did not appear to be based upon critical theory and offered students the opportunity to ignore some of the ideology.