Criminal Pfizer CEO Ambush-Interviewed at Davos

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was ambushed by Rebel News crack journalists. They were on their way to a smoke-filled backroom where they would conspire with corporate and government peers to extract more profits and social control from the people. This is probably the only time his whereabouts have been made public.

The brutal assault of completely legitimate questions that the corporate media have refused to ask over the past three years beginning with the first question about Bourla’s company lying about their product stopping COVID transmission. A Pfizer executive recently said they never tested transmission post-vaccine.

Bourla was clearly discombobulated and uncomfortable. He was only accompanied by one or two guards. At one point, Bourla nearly walked into a wall.

This is the type of guerrilla confrontation that we need at all costs towards all Public Health, public, and private sector goons responsible for the devastation of these last three years. They are not entitled to hide behind “decorum” and other polite society courtesy. They should be treated as criminals, and with the same level of contempt.