Couple Arrested After Their 36 Pound 10-Year-Old Son Is Found Searching For Food

According to reports, a Georgia couple was arrested after their 10-year-old child, was found walking in their neighborhood toward a grocery store in search of food, reports say.

Tyler and Krista Schindley remain in the Spalding County Jail after a judge denied bond at a hearing earlier in the week. The Schindleys’ son told officers that he had been hungry and walked to a nearby Kroger to buy food. He asked that they not make him return.

It’s difficult to understand as a mother. Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Marie Broder said that the situation broke her heart.

She said, “The pictures are horrific and anyone with a good heart should be shocked by them.”

According to reports, Tyler Schindley (46) and Krista Schindley (47) are facing charges of cruelty to children, attempted murder, and false imprisonment.

Broder said Tuesday that I believe that the case would have turned out very differently if he hadn’t left his house.

WANF reports that the police, upon his discovery, described him as being “thin with visible and discolored injuries.” The boy was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of malnutrition, and low heart rate.

An affidavit, cited by the TV station, states that the couple intentionally kept food away from their child and locked him in his room, without toilet paper, lights, or human contact.

WANF reported court documents that suggested the boy suffered “dental injuries” and “disfiguration” as a result of abuse by his parents.

The Georgia Division of Family and Children Services currently cares for four children found in Schindley’s home.

A neighbor told Atlanta that she was worried about the children.

“That’s just horrible. That anyone would be [like] this and by them being my next-door neighbor it makes me wonder if I should have been more observant,” Kim Seigler said to the station.

The boy’s health is now stable.