Could Current Events Lead to the End of the EU as We Know It?

Since the 2018 election, there have been nearly 500 bombings in Sweden. This nation also has one of the highest rates of gun murders within the European Union (EU). It is seen by some as an answer to the European Union’s call for millions of Muslims from Muslim countries to flow into its member states, which was led by Angela Merkel, former German Chancellor. This year, crime was the top priority of voters.

The result was that the Swedish Democrats (SD), received 21% of the votes. Despite years of opposition to fringe ideas, the SD is considered a far-right party in Sweden. As the Spectator points out:

Their agenda today cannot be called right-wing extremism. They had one advantage: they were the only party that for many years criticized Sweden’s immigration policies. They insist that it’s not racist to discuss what’s wrong and this view is becoming more widespread.

Sweden will soon have a center-right Prime Minister from the Moderate Party thanks to the SD’s success. Although Ulf Kristersson’s party lost ground in the election campaign, the SD’s success will increase his coalition to a majority. While Sweden and Italy are very different, Italy now has a conservative prime minister. Rick Moran, PJ Media, reported that:

The failure of the left government to govern as citizens desire is the reason for the rise in (Giorgia] Meloni in Italy, and in Europe generally. Politics is not rocket science. The cultural revolution is exploding like a lead balloon.

This is all happening as a result of increasing instability in the EU. The EU has been informed by farmers that it will be hard to find vegetables this winter. The continent is also headed for an apparent energy crisis. The EU doesn’t understand that food insecurity is directly due to Germany’s stupid climate policies. The EU’s decision to go green at home resulted in a substantial shortfall as the EU could not fill its reserves with Russian fossil fuels.

The EU is not recognizing the weaknesses in its strategy and is instead doubling down. The Nitrates Directive is still in force. This has led some countries to restrict the use of fertilizer and force the closure of livestock farms. Farmers are finding it difficult to store vegetables and produce vegetable year round due to rising energy costs. The prospect of a cold, hungry winter is looming as Germans build firewood while French President Emmanuel Macron informs them that the age of abundance has ended.

The EU also decided that sovereign countries made up of sovereign citizens cannot choose their leaders based on policy preferences. Sweden is currently drowning in the crimes of migrants that they can’t assimilate. Italy is currently in the middle of a culture war, and also faces a similar crisis in immigration. Meloni is pushing for more autonomy in Europe. Meloni has called for a Mediterranean blockade to stop illegal immigration. She also wants to protect a traditional family structure.

She sounds very similar to Viktor Orban, the international Left’s boogeyman. Hungary has a secure border and does not allow illegal migration. Orban encourages Christianity and orders his government to adopt family-friendly policies. After Orban was reelected by a large margin, the EU already has sway over the country.

The EU threatens to withhold pandemic relief funds for the nation based on concerns expressed by “civil society organizations,” which is coded for George Soros. It is imposing a similar burden upon Poland. Both countries claim that they have fulfilled the EU’s requirements regarding judicial reforms.

Ursula von der Leyen is now hinting at the possibility that Italy could be subject to a similar fate if it votes the wrong way. After telling Princeton’s audience that Poland would not be receiving funds from the EU as it had not fulfilled the “contract” regarding judicial reforms she stated, “If things turn in a difficult way [in Italy] – and I’ve spoken to Hungary and Poland about this – we have the tools.” This means that if the Eurocrats dislike the Italian politicians, they will punish them.

What was meant to be an economic union seems to have evolved into an international governing organization. The UK fled, taking back its sovereignty. What time will it be before Hungary, Poland, and possibly Italy start to consider the possibility of an exit? There were fears that Poland could be on the brink of exit in 2021. Hungary is unlikely to leave. How long can culturally diverse nations continue to accept the demands of France and Germany?

Witold Waszczykowski, a former Polish foreign minister and current member of the European Parlament, said that von der Leyen’s remarks had caused him to think, “If another country is stigmatized or [targeted] using instruments beyond European law it may come up with the conclusion that it will feel more comfortable outside of the EU.” He then added, “The UK has not suffered any harm, except for a temporary period of difficulties.” It is clear that there is still life outside of the EU.

Yes, there is. If the globalist Left elites can’t contain their authoritarian tendencies, democracy within sovereign nations will end their decades-long project for “harmonization” and “standardization.”