Could Biden’s Inflation Push Gas to $10 Per Gallon?

AAA reports that the national average price for a gallon of gas is $4.589. AAA also reports that it is $5 to $6 in some bellwether states like California, Washington, and Nevada. New York and Oregon are close behind.

Is there any surprise that retail gas station chains are updating their pumps in preparation for higher gasoline prices?

The spokesperson for 76 Gas Stations stated that this outlet is “reconfiguring their pumps to make room for double-digit prices.” Although ten-dollar-per-gallon gasoline may seem unlikely, Bidenflation continues to drive up prices across the country. This is primarily due to the poor economic policies of the Biden Administration.

Biden’s energy-dependent, destructive policies have been in place since the beginning of his presidency. Biden also ended Trump’s energy-dependent policies. He also tried to convince Saudi Arabian for more oil. He also canceled drilling permits and took U.S. strategic oil resources. He did not do anything to address the trucker shortage and supply chain crisis.

Inept Biden Administration continued to shift the blame for high gasoline costs by blaming everyone, from Vladimir Putin to Big Oil greed and the savage Republicans. These policies were established during his first presidency and continue to this day.

Andy Lipow, President and CEO of Lipow Oil Associates stated this week that “everything points towards even higher prices.” AAA supports Lipow’s assertion that prices are rising in this economic environment.

Since Monday, the national average price of regular gasoline per gallon increased 10 cents or $4.58 to $4.58.

This is what you should remember when you vote next time. This is what you should remember when you vote next time. In January 2021, Donald Trump’s last month as president, the average gasoline price in the United States was $2.41.