Climate Protesters Block Traffic, Police Arrest Parolee Pleading to Get to Work

A Maryland parolee was taken into custody Monday after getting agitated with climate change protesters blocking traffic.

Yellow vest-wearing climate protesters blocked traffic on I-495, Montgomery County, Maryland. They demanded President Joe Biden declare a “climate emergency.” In a video that has since gone viral, a man claiming to be a parolee exited a vehicle and pleaded with the protesters to let him pass, alleging that he would be sent back to prison if he was late for his job.

As activists denied his request, the man begged for one lane.

Protesters continued blocking traffic so the man started to take down signs. Take a look at the video:

Ford Fischer posted another video in which he saw police arrest the parolee after he got “agitated at traffic activists” and was “getting more physical,” Fischer stated.

Fox 4 DC reported that 13 climate activists were charged with “resisting arrest”, disrupting peace/hindering passage, and failing to follow a reasonable/lawful instruction. Guido Reichstadter defended the man via Twitter. He said that he didn’t feel threatened by the charges and would gladly “issue/testify in his favor.”

“The shirtless man nudging me with his body was not violent with me and I did not feel threatened. I believe his arrest was unnecessary and I’ll be happy to issue a statement or testify in his favor. The lives of 1000’s of millions of people depend on emergency climate action now,” said Reichstadter in a now-deleted tweet.

— Guido Reichstadter (@GuidoReichstad1) July 5, 2022

The identity and whereabouts of the man are still unknown. We have yet to receive a reply from the police department.