China Boasts About Thriving Economy as Mass Protests, Police Violence Fill Streets

Xinhua News, a state propaganda outlet of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), published a Nov. 27 article claiming that China has a “thriving economy” due to its “opening up” policies and “optimized business environment.” However, mass protests against the draconian lockdowns in China and inhumane working conditions have been flooding China’s streets. This has led to numerous reports of CCP police violence. China’s economy appears to be more fragile than the CCP would love to admit.

According to the article “Chinese Economy thriving with greater opening-up over the past decade”, workers at companies such as Foxconn, the maker of Apple iPhones, are protesting what the Wall Street Journal has previously called “harsh conditions”.

However, this is not the first instance of state-run Xinhua publishing blatant hypocrisy in a crisis. Xinhua posted a video in April showing a Russian expert praising China for its “zero-COVID” policies.

Xinhua reported that China’s gross domestic product (GDP), which surpassed the 100 trillion-yuan threshold in 2020, grew to more than 114 trillion yuan last fiscal year. This contributed over 30% to global economic growth. According to Statista, the average salary in China’s urban areas was 106,800 Yuan in 2021, which is just under $15,000. Based on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data in 2021, the average U.S. annual salary was $55,640. CCP doesn’t mention that the claimed prosperity of its members doesn’t seem like it helps average workers. This is probably why workers are rioting.

According to Xinhua, China’s free trade and law-based approaches were crucial for its economic growth. However, this “free-trade” method doesn’t provide decent conditions for workers. Observer reported that Tesla workers were forced to work six days a week and sleep on factory floors during the COVID-19 lockdowns in Shanghai.

Fox News reported that footage was available of clashes between protestors and police officers in the CCP. It’s possible that this is on the “shorter adverse list for foreign investments” mentioned by Xinhua.

Evidence suggests that the CCP is increasing the number of mass “concentration camps”. Given the genocide in Xinjiang that resulted, it is possible that the CCP, the most brutal mass killer ever, plans to use these camps to hold those protestors who dare to challenge its tyrannical regime.