Chief January 6th Investigator Makes Shocking Admissions That Committee Members Covered Up

NBC News interviewed the chief investigator of the January 6th committee on Tuesday. The revelations were amazing.

Tim Heaphy’s statement to Lester Holt, while not trying to be hyperbolic is perhaps the most important admission about January 6th since the attack. Although surveillance footage had previously shown how complex and confusing the situation was before the attack, Heaphy claims that the attack was prevented long before anyone stepped foot on Capitol grounds.

Holt claims that members of the committee, such as Liz Cheney or Adam Schiff, deliberately suppressed the damning information in their final report to keep Trump’s attention on his own. The committee emphasized politics overexposing the federal law enforcement failures that could have been avoided.


HEAPHY – I believe it would have been very different if law enforcement had taken a more assertive and protective position. We felt that the intel was very specific and sufficient to allow law enforcement to better operate a secure perimeter.

HEAPHY: Law enforcement had a very direct role in contributing to the failures, the security failures that led to the violence.

Heaphy says that intelligence before January 6th was clear and not ambiguous. The FBI knew people would attempt to enter the Capitol Building. Despite knowing that there was an attack on the Capitol Building, the FBI did not stop it. Recent revelations have shown that they had informants from the Proud Boys.

The question is: Why? We all have our opinions. But it seems that the government wanted to increase tensions on January 6th to hurt Trump and the Republican Party politically. This is the only reason why the FBI and Capitol Police weren’t prepared to handle a violent protest that was imminent.

It is possible that the agencies were unsure of what to do next. It doesn’t matter what happened. The January 6th committee’s top investigator admitted that federal law enforcement didn’t act on the intelligence it had.

The report also reveals that members of the committee actively tried to cover up law enforcement failures in their pursuit of Trump.

REPORTER: People familiar with the committee’s work tell NBC News [that] members downplayed those findings because they wanted to keep the focus on former President Trump.

Many have noted that the Jan 6th committee had no constitutional role other than to evaluate the performance of government agencies. This is congress’ oversight power, but instead of exercising it, the committee members ignored it completely, leaving behind reams and damning evidence presented by investigators.

The January 6th committee’s behavior was shocking and must be corrected now that Republicans have taken over. All internal deliberations need to be made public. A new committee should be appointed to examine the areas of Liz Cheney, her colleagues, and their obsession with Donald Trump. The truth will slowly come out.