Chicago Hotel Exclusively Housing Illegal Immigrants, Costing Taxpayers Millions

The Inn of Chicago, a well-known hotel located on Michigan Avenue, is now reportedly housing illegal immigrants instead of paying customers. The hotel has been closed to the public and will only be open to illegal immigrants until July 2023. The cost to maintain these immigrants is estimated to be between $20 and $25 million per month, with no public accounting of where the taxpayer money is being spent.

While Chicago officials are keeping the operation secretive, reports suggest that there is no transparency on the number of migrants being housed at the hotel. This move has sparked concerns that criminal illegal immigrants could be among those being housed, further contributing to the already rampant crime in Chicago.

Similarly, Nordstrom, Whole Foods, Walgreens, and Amazon Go have closed stores in San Francisco due to the soft-on-crime policies that allow rampant shoplifting. Nordstrom cited the changing dynamics of the downtown San Francisco market as the reason behind closing both of its locations. These policies have created a challenging business environment where companies struggle to make profits and must shut down stores.

These moves by Democrat-run cities to prioritize illegal immigrants and implement soft-on-crime policies are just the beginning. More businesses are expected to shut down, while more locations will be used to house illegal immigrants, leaving taxpayers with the bill. This situation highlights the disturbing trend of rewarding lawbreakers while punishing law-abiding citizens.