CCP Government Loves Elon Musk’s Suggestion that China Should Take Over Taiwan

Two CCP officials, and two Chinese Communist Party state media, endorsed Elon Tesla’s suggestion of Taiwan being under CCP control. Musk is currently battling Twitter to buy the platform.

We previously wrote about Musk’s suggestion concerning CCP ties. Musk stated, “And it’s possible, and I believe probable, that they could have an arrangement more lenient than Hong Kong.” CCP has been pursuing ongoing political persecution of Hong Kongians.

Global Times reports that Mao Ning, spokesperson of China’s Foreign Ministry, agrees with Musk’s suggestion that Taiwan is subject to a “one nation, two systems” rule.

Mao stated, “We hope and are happy to see more people understand peaceful reconciliation and ‘one country, two systems.” Global Times reported that Mao meant Musk’s suggestion. Qin Gang (the Chinese ambassador to America) also thanked Musk.

Musk spent a lot of money and effort on his Tesla China branch. This includes “civil-military Fusion,” which allows access to all aspects of the Chinese economy for the military.

Musk, a Tesla China employee is dependent on CCP. This group is responsible for over 500 million deaths.

Chiu Chuicheng (deputy head of Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council) tweeted a denial of Musk’s suggestion. Qin Gang was the Chinese ambassador to America and stated that he would like “to thank [Elon Musk] for calling for peace within the Taiwan Strait.” He also spoke out about his idea to establish an administrative special zone for Taiwan.

The CCP continues to operate internment camps, inflicting violence upon Xinjiang’s Uyghur Muslims, and persecuting up to 50 million Chinese Catholics. The Cyberspace Administration of China wrote it. It was written by the Cyberspace Administration of China.

Global Times published an article saying Taiwan should be under CCP Control. Global Times published the article claiming Taiwan should be under CCP Control. This newspaper has a history of making violent threats against other countries.