Capitol Police Statement on Fire Alarm Pull Doesn’t Add Up

We have been covering the story of Rep. Jamaal BOWMAN (D-NY), who pulled the fire alarm over the weekend, as Democrats tried to delay a vote on a shutdown.

Bowman’s excuses have made the act even more absurd. Now he’s trying to claim that he does not understand the issue. He sent “messaging guidelines” to his Democratic colleagues to defend him. Then he was forced to retract his statement that he didn’t mean to call Republicans “Nazis”. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-GA, walked the public through what had happened and why what he said was illogical.

It’s also possible to commit a criminal offense. What has the US Capitol Police to say about this?

You might have noticed that there is a major thing missing from their statement released on Monday.

The United States Capitol Police continues to investigate facts and circumstances surrounding a fire alarm which resulted in an evacuation of the Cannon House Office Building.

Around 12:05 pm on Saturday, 30 September, a fire alarm was sounded in the Cannon Building. USCP officers evacuated the building floor by floor. Only the Cannon Building was evacuated because the fire alarm sounded there.

A man can be seen on security footage trying to exit the Cannon Building door and then pulling the alarm which prompted the evacuation. USCP officers placed signs in clear language explaining that the door was marked and secured as an emergency-only exit.

The Fire Marshal determined that there was no fire in the building at approximately 1:30 p.m.

The USCP will keep the public informed of the progress of the investigation.

The statement was released on October 2 – long after Bowman had admitted to doing it. Why does his name not appear? Why is it only “a man”? They don’t want to mention Bowman, even though Bowman admitted that he was involved. Do they want to cover him?

It also confirmed the facts that we have been discussing — the building had to be evacuated and they had determined there was no fire. This took around an hour and twenty-five minutes. Why? Bowman did it because he didn’t stay and tell them that there was no fire. Can we discuss evidence of guilt here?

Bowman also pushed the door despite the fact that there were signs stating “emergency only”. He then pulled the fire alarm. Bowman’s story is ridiculous because the fire alarm does not open the door and he was never supposed to go through the doors.

Also, there’s something else missing. Where is the video? There could be an investigative motive, but given that he has admitted to it, I am not sure. What the video may show is him running away, which is not a good thing.

We haven’t yet seen the police report or the interview they conducted with him. These should be interesting.