Byron Donalds’ Wife Presents Receipts of the Left’s Overt Racism Toward Her Husband

It is safe to say that no American experiences more racism or vitriol than a conservative black man. Although the Democrats pretend to be the party that supports and elevates black people, they have repeatedly shown that black lives don’t matter if they are aligned with their narratives and agendas.

One example of such a black man is Florida Congressman Byron Donalds. Democrats view Donalds as a traitor, not an independent man who holds his beliefs and principles. The status is not without its usual insults. However, the left recently discovered that Donalds’s wife is actually white. This has led to racist comments from the right, as you can see.

Erika Donalds started receiving messages directed at her and her husband about their interracial marriage. This would seem to be a non-issue for the left considering that many of their favorite media personalities and politicians are white. Kamala Harris is the vice-President, CNN host Don Lemon is CNN’s host, and Lori Lightfoot, Chicago Mayor, and AOC congresswoman are just a few examples.

Apparently, their interracial marriages aren’t subject to attack, but the Donalds family is. Donalds called this racism out and provided screenshots as evidence of just how hypocritical and racist the left actually is.

Modernity encourages interracial relationships. You can’t even find a television commercial with two white spouses anymore. The left, however, treats interracial couples exactly the same as they treat the black community. They have to conform and obey the body politique or they will be treated as social pariahs.

It is a shocking hypocrisy the left has tried to hide and will continue to go unaddressed as long as the general public doesn’t notice.

A person’s spouse’s skin color is not a matter of their political beliefs. Skin color also has no bearing on the principles or ideologies of people. This leftist stance is that skin color should determine how one lives.