Board Member Calls Those Opposed To Her Are “Aligned With White Supremecists”

Gabriela Lopez (President of San Francisco Board of Education) and two other school board members lost a recall election with 72 percent of those against them.

If 75% of voters were so angry at you, they drove to the polling stations in winter to throw you to the curb, it might prove to have been a humiliating experience.

Lopez is far more than that. She is pure, racially conscious, courageous, dedicated, and strong. Lopez is so ashamed.

You must have white supremacy.

Lopez might want to retract this statement considering London Breed, the black/Indian San Francisco Mayor, joined the recall effort.

Lopez needs to be reminded by someone that fighting to racial equality in San Francisco is fine. Lopez and her fellow woke school board members failed to achieve their primary mission. San Francisco children were reading at such low achievement levels.

This was the conclusion even of the most educated and wealthy San Francisco elites. They voted in an overwhelming number to recall the board members.

The recall involved a large number of Asian Americans. Allison Collins, one member of the recall board, was notoriously rude to them.

Many Asian Americans in the city, especially the largely Chinese American community, saw these results as confirmation of their voting rights. These results were accompanied by a high level and intensity of organizing, turnout, and intensity that was unparalleled in recent years. The turnout of those who requested ballots for Chinese was significantly higher at 37%.

Asian American voters have supported Democrats for decades in a liberal city.

San Francisco won’t suddenly turn into a conservative enclave, or erect statues Donald Trump.