Black Lives Matter Livid Over Off-Duty Cops Acquittal After He Hit Woman

Black Lives Matter is outraged at the acquittal of a Providence, Rhode Island officer who punched a black woman in her face during a June protest against Roe v Wade.

The problem with this is that the officer claimed that the woman was physically interfering with his attempts to arrest the man who attacked a journalist.

What about the cop who beat the woman? They were political rivals at the time.

What’s the deal?
Jeann Lugo, 35-year-old officer from was acquitted Wednesday on a simple assault charge.

WPRI-TV reported Lugo attacking Jennifer Rourke (co-founder of Rhode Island Political Cooperative) during the rally at state house.

WPRI reported that Lugo claimed that he wanted to arrest a suspect in an attack on self-described independent journalist Josh Mello. Rourke was physically preventing him from doing so, WPRI reported. Lugo claimed that he tried to arrest a suspect in an assault on self-described independent journalist Josh Mello.

WPRI stated Lugo’s actions had been justified by the judge as they were consistent in maintaining public order.

A judge dismissed the disorderly conduct charge against Lugo in August, according to

WPRI was informed by Daniel Griffin, Lugo’s lawyer, that Lugo had “never been warranted for arrest.” He was a young man who wanted the community to be better and did his civic duty. He was railroaded and we are happy that he is now free from trouble. We hope the city will do the right thing, and get him back to work.

A spokesperson for Providence police said that Lugo has been on paid suspension from the altercation and the department is looking to fire him. This is despite Lugo’s acquittal. WPRI stated, however that Lugo can not be fired due to the Law Enforcement Officer Bill of Rights. WPRI also stated that it was not known when the LEOBOR hearing would take place.

Lugo was a Republican who dropped out of the race to the state Senate after the incident. Rourke, a Democrat, lost to another Republican when the seat held by retiring Majority Leader Michael McCaffrey became available for grabs.

What does Black Lives Matter mean?
WPRI was informed by the Black Lives Matter RI Political Action Committee executive that he was at the pro-abortion rally, and that Rourke was trying to calm the situation down. She claimed that she was also being treated unfairly by the justice system.

Harrison Tuttle, spokesperson for WPRI, stated that it was “a very disappointing choice today.” “This is unacceptable. We cannot allow police officers to punch women in their faces. ”

WPRI said that it hadn’t heard from Rourke since it asked her for comments.

Here’s the full statement from Black Lives Matter:

Jeann Lugo was a Providence Police Officer who was also a former candidate for RI Senate District 29. She was acquitted of all charges of assault. These charges stemmed from an altercation that occurred at the State House’s pro-abortion rights rally on June 25, 2022.

BLM RIPAC wishes to offer our deepest sympathy for Jennifer Rourke, who is alleged that she was the victim of an attack. She had to face her alleged abuser. It was overwhelming and stressful. Unfortunately, the justice system failed to protect her from her trauma and grief.

Officer Lugo and Providence Police Department – These actions, as well as the subsequent trial, are abhorrent. This contradiction will have a negative impact on the validity of Officer Lugo’s employment and the Providence Police Department as a whole.

We will continue to fight for our citizens’ rights and freedoms. Every day passes without another victim to police brutality being left alone. We were not allowed to hear from Mayor Elorza or any other top-ranking officers of the Providence Police Department. These officers are currently subject to active LEOBOR statutes that prevent them from speaking on police investigations into officers.