Bill Barr Knocks Top Democrat Spreading False Info About Biden Doc, Explains What Really Happened

Bill Barr, the former Attorney General, explained to Rep. Jamie Raskin on Thursday why he is so confused about Justice Department actions taken in investigating claims of a bribery scheme involving Joe Biden. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) is confused by the actions taken by the Justice Department to investigate allegations of a bribery conspiracy involving Joe Biden.

What did Raskin have to say?
Raskin dismissed allegations made by the FBI after it met with him and House Oversight Committee Chair James Comey Monday. The FBI presented a confidential document that detailed allegations from a human source that Biden was involved in a criminal corruption scheme.

Raskin, top Democrat on the committee, said the Justice Department investigated the allegations back in 2020, but that it decided to not move forward because the then-U.S. attorney Scott Brady had “found no evidence” to corroborate them.

What did Barr say?

TheBlaze has reported that Barr has already challenged Raskin’s memory of the event.

In a recent interview with Fox News Barr described Raskin’s state as “confused”, and explained the contents of this now-infamous FD-1023 document.

Brady was given the task by Barr to verify the document’s credibility. He explained that he established the “intake procedure” because a number investigations were ongoing relating to the Bidens and he did not want “proliferating inquiries around the country in the lead up to election year all pertaining to the Bidens.”

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Barr added, “We wanted to also protect the integrity” of the ongoing investigations. This was a clearinghouse, or screening function to verify evidence before it is sent to ongoing investigations.

Barr also denied Raskin’s claim, that the document contained Rudy Giuliani-provided information. He said that was flat out untrue.

It was a confidential source of information that was used by the FBI and Department to develop the material. This information was verified and determined not to be disinformation, he said.

It doesn’t tell if it’s true. Barr said that there was “no indication” of disinformation. “It was then given to Delaware’s ongoing investigation to be checked and followed up.”

Barr continued to say that the long-running investigation of Hunter Biden by U.S. attorney David Weiss is damaging to the nation.

Barr admitted that the investigation had been going on for over four years and its inability to conclude left him “confused” and “impatient”.

Barr said, “I believe it’s time for us to cut the bait or fish and see what happened in this investigation.”