Biden’s Joke About Tucker Carlson at WHCD Falls Flat

The White House Correspondents’ dinner is meant to be a light, fun event where people are roasted.

Some parts of the speech were not well received. Joe Biden had a “Dark Brandon’ moment that was cringeworthy, Roy Wood roasted the media for allowing Joe to get away with the classified documents, and Joe again struggled with the teleprompter.

Biden also made a comment which showed just how unfunny and nasty Joe Biden is. It’s hard to believe that he could have ever marketed himself as a “nice guy” when he acts so childish and petty. He cannot take anyone challenging him or questioning what he is doing. Tucker Carlson may have been the only person to expose Biden as a fraud.

Naturally, being petty Joe, he took a shot at Carlson. It wasn’t funny, and the people there, most of whom do not agree with Carlson politically, didn’t seem amused.

Biden couldn’t even say what was written out for him coherently. “We really have a record to be proud of: vaccinated the nation, transformed the economy, earned historic, precedented (?) victories and midterm results. But the job isn’t finished. I mean, it is finished for Tucker Carlson.”

Who knows? I believe he meant “unprecedented”. The word was mispronounced. It’s true that the Democrats lost their House seats in the midterm elections, but it is not a win. Biden transformed the economy. Americans are suffering under Bidenflation. He seems to believe that his “job” is to destroy America, so it is important to vote him off in 2024.

How was this comment about Carlson funny or even true? Biden could have got away with being mean if he was funny. Biden is still upset because he expected to be laughed at, but he wasn’t. He has to respond, “Like that’s unreasonable? “Gimme a break!” They don’t even appreciate his brilliance!

Biden does not get it. He hasn’t gotten anything in his tenure as president. Does he really think they have finished Carlson? Megyn Kell’s claim that Carlson might be temporarily silenced as he negotiates his contract with Fox is confirmed. If Biden is bragging about it, then he is bragging a bit too soon. Carlson will be around long after Biden has left the political scene.

It is also inappropriate to celebrate someone leaving the media. This sounds like an attack on the “free press”.

Biden might think that the media is in his pocket. Fair enough, there must be a lot of people in that room. Many of us will continue to call him out and point out that it would be wrong for the country to have him back in 2024. Carlson won’t be the only one to say that before the election.

Carlson is brilliant in his current job and will be brilliant anywhere else. Biden will remain a failure and a person without class.