Biden’s Insane Claims in Speech Go Viral, and No One Is Buying Them

Joe Biden enjoyed a rare Thursday late night, attending the 46th Annual Gala of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

It was obvious as he started to speak why the President rarely attends evening events. He repeatedly messed up his “MAGA Republican”, calling them instead “mega” Republicans. His senility was not the most notable thing. It was more a series he made of absurd claims.

Start with the smallest example, the deficit. Another example is coming up that will blow your mind, but patience is the virtue.

Biden boasting about the reduction of the deficit is similar to a gambling addict bragging that he no longer has to pay his mortgage. The United States is on track to have a deficit of over $2 trillion for this year. It would be higher if Republicans had not forced spending freezes in the previous spending battle.

Do deficits now appear to be lower than they were during the Biden Administration? The deficit has fallen, but only because in 2021, the president blew up the deficit with the American Rescue Act and an infrastructure bill. Both of these were complete boondoggles. In the not-too-distant past, a $1 trillion budget was considered a record high. Biden’s claim to “lowering” the $2 trillion deficit is absurd.

The president then claimed to have beaten “Big Pharma.”

This isn’t quite the biggest lie he said, but it’s close. Remember that the federal government paid pharmaceutical companies for COVID-19 vaccinations tens and tens of billions of dollars under Joe Biden. Forget about the money spent on masks, tests, and therapeutics. Joseph Robinette Biden is the only person in history who has profited more from Big Pharma than anyone else.

As I said, I promised to save the best until the last and I will deliver. What did the President have to say about the Southern Border Crisis?

This is just unreal. How can anyone lie so easily and not feel shame? I have no idea what he is talking about. It’s not uncommon to try and disguise a lie with a half-truth to make it seem plausible, but his claims are utterly unsupported. Republicans have done nothing to “gut the immigration system”. Donald Trump also did not “gut” any enforcement mechanisms.

In regards to his second statement, stating that Republicans “continue today to undermine border safety,” I have no clue what he is talking about. Republicans have pleaded with the administration and Democrats to increase enforcement. The Biden administration, however, has opened up the floodgates in many instances.

The border crisis is the fault of the current president. Stop. Any other suggestion is utterly absurd. Biden, as I have said many times before, is a sociopath. It’s the only way he can say what he says with a straight face, but no one believes him.