Biden Team’s Shocking Response to Americans Trapped, Kidnapped, and Killed in Gaza Sparks Outrage

Joe Biden’s address to the nation was notable because it focused on assisting others other than Israel. It gave Gaza and Ukraine a high priority.

The focus of the speech seemed to be on the Americans who were killed or kidnapped. Two of the ten were released – a relief. The speech also completely ignored the hundreds of Americans trapped in Gaza and the numerous attacks that have taken place on American forces, including some believed to be committed by Iran’s proxy, the Houthis.

Biden has made it clear that Gaza is a top priority. Now, the aid is pouring in.

What is the Biden Team doing to respond to the attacks, or get the Americans trapped or kidnapped?

Biden spent his weekend on the beach.

Here’s what Biden’s team has said.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stated on Sunday that they expect Iranian proxy forces to look for opportunities to escalate the Israel-Hamas conflict. They also asserted the Biden administration’s readiness to respond if American civilians and armed forces are targeted.

This is not the outcome we are looking for. Blinken stated that they did not want an escalation. “We do not want our forces or personnel to come under fire.” “We’re prepared for that if it happens.”

Austin said: “We will not hesitate to take appropriate action.”

Yet, they’re not. They haven’t reacted to the attacks which normally would call for a targeted reaction. The attacks are not even mentioned. Blinken appears to be pretending they never happened in this comment. We noted that Americans were injured in one of these strikes.

There was more. John Kirby, spokesperson for the National Security Council, made some remarks on CNN Monday that showed just how misguided their response was. CNN asked him a few good questions. One of them was what the National Security Council is doing to deal with Hamas’ refusal to let hundreds of Americans leave Gaza.

Kirby replied, “I wish that I could tell.” They’re sending in aid without conditions and even risking it being grabbed up by Hamas. And yet, Hamas won’t let Americans out. What’s wrong with this picture?

He was asked whether there would be a “soon” outcome.

Kirby replied, “It is hard.” No, it’s not. The aid is not exchanged for hostages/trapped people. They are giving up aid. It’s insane. Like in Afghanistan, they have no clue what they are doing and how to get the Americans out.

Kirby acknowledged that there were “troublesome” attacks, but he did not discuss any possible response.

We don’t believe that any major player in Israel is prepared to escalate the situation in a significant way. Let’s ignore the Houthi-Hezbollah attacks.

They then concluded with more alarming news.

How serious is it that the U.S. has dangerously few weapons for its defense? The CNN host asked.

Kirby acknowledged, “Of Course, It’s a Concern.”

Now, they’ll be giving more to Israel. They’re now going to give more to Israel. What happens if bad actors continue to act in the next location of the drama, Taiwan? What are we left with at this stage? They’ve already depleted the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and are not replacing it.

They have put us in an extremely dangerous situation. What would Biden have done differently if this was his intention to put the country in danger?