Biden Shares Untrue Surreal Stories With The Irish Parliament

Joe Biden’s trip to Northern Ireland and Ireland has been a festival of embarrassment so far. I’m not sure that it was worth revealing how far he’s deteriorated in the world just because he wanted to take his son and sister to Ireland.

It’s fair to say that it hasn’t been going as planned. It’s not a good idea to insult another country and ask your son for help understanding basic actions such as greeting a child with a rope or saying hello. Biden also made up a bizarre story about a child he was told that could not be true. This is the message we send to other countries. It is more than a little alarming. Think about what our enemies must be thinking. We can see their moves all over the globe and should be concerned.

On Thursday, Biden made some remarks to the Irish Parliament. When you hear this, you cringe and pray that he doesn’t say anything particularly stupid.

Sean O Fearghail (Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament) had to position Biden for the photo-op.

When Joe Biden speaks to a group, remember his basic principle: pander, Pander, Pander. It doesn’t matter whether he is stating reality. Just tell them how you’re like them in some way. Joe Biden, a black, Puerto Rican, and Polish truck driver, became the first to occupy the Oval Office. He challenged Corn Pop to a duel while he went to shuls and black churches.

Joe Biden is a rugby player.

After completing his year at a club, he says he began playing rugby. He previously stated, “I don’t want to exaggerate the success of my rugby career.” When I was in law school, I only played one year of rugby. “I played high school and college football, but I only played rugby for one year.” It turned out that Syracuse didn’t have any clubs until a year later. So did he play? This cannot be proved.

This nonsense, where he suggests that rugby is somehow more secure, is complete nonsense. It seems to me that he doesn’t know what he is talking.

There was then this confusing story, which I believe he was referring to as him acknowledging that discrimination was occurring against the Irish. It’s a lot of gobbledygook so it’s unclear what he’s actually saying.

I tried to find the story but could not find any supporting evidence. Also, unless you are talking about over 100 years ago, then it is unlikely that Colorado was the place. And if Colorado was not where Biden lived, what does that have to do? It’s probably not the story that you want to tell the Irish Parliament. Joe has not allowed reality to dictate his stories.

Joe the Revolutionary was then born. His grandfather believed that Joe the Revolutionary, a boring old Joe known for his gaffes, was an Irish revolutionary.

Yeah, no. Although, I think the fight with Corn Pop was likely a raging one.

He then had some fights with the teleprompter, which he lost. Badly.

He’s an amazing leader with more experience than anyone else.

Biden stated that the only thing Biden brought to his career, after my age — you can see how old he is — was some wisdom. I bring more experience to this job than any other president in American history. It doesn’t make me worse or better, but it does give me some excuses.”

Unfortunately, all we’ve gotten from Biden is the age and none of the wisdom.