Biden Promises to Raise Your Taxes and Tells Truly Creepy Story About a Nurse

It is often a mystery to me what these people think of Joe Biden’s lies and his utter nonsense. Although he may speak to friendly groups of Democrats, and/or people are trying to be polite and courteous, most Americans realize that they are in worse shape under Joe Biden and can’t feel very kind toward him after he has adversely affected their lives, especially their finances.

Biden visited Virginia Beach Tuesday to criticize Republicans for their excessive spending, which is bankrupting our country and has caused inflation to skyrocket. He also lied about Republicans’ healthcare plans.

The White House released a press release saying that the President would discuss his plan to preserve Americans’ access to affordable healthcare. It also highlighted how Congressional Republicans would increase health care costs – even for seniors – and cause millions to lose their coverage. Biden has been focusing on Medicare Advantage while Republicans have pledged to not touch Social Security and Medicare. He’s a hypocrite in this area.

He was last in Hampton Roads in May 2021 for his “Get America Back on Track Tour.” It’s ironic that he is going there before he went to East Palestine, Ohio.

However, Biden was in Virginia when, faced with crushing inflation at a forty-year high and people trying to figure out how they can afford all their bills, he promised to increase taxes on Americans. This is something he has lied about in past but we knew he would do it.

He also shouted about a 15% minimum tax that would let him do what he wants — which is why all this raising taxes is about serving the Democrats’ political agenda and not the best interests of Americans.

Biden claimed that $800 was irrelevant to where he came from. Biden claimed that where he came from $800 matters. However, he has cost Americans much more since he was elected. Every American family pays hundreds more each month.

Bidenflation is his way of crushing people.

However, when he attempted to explain the numbers, it went horribly wrong and he lost to the teleprompter.

Maybe he shouldn’t target Medicare Advantage, which would affect almost half of those who are eligible for Medicare and have signed up.

When he began to talk about healthcare, that was when he fell off the edge and started using gibberish.

This is absurd.

Biden continued, “Studies have shown…that the greater your chances of passing or having a serious injury, the farther you are from accessing a hospital.” Biden is just reading from the teleprompter and doesn’t know what he’s actually saying. He is referring to the opposite. If you live further from a hospital, you are more likely to experience problems. This could be interpreted as more injury/pass. This is just common sense.

It got worse. It was almost impossible to understand, but you may be able to get the idea if you listen to it several times.

He was trying to praise nurses. Then, he began to praise one of his nurses for taking care of him in 1988 after he had a brain aneurysm.

“I had a nurse named Pearl Nelson. She’d come in and do things I don’t think you learn in nursing school. She’d whisper in my ear, I couldn’t understand, but she’d whisper and she’d lean down and actually breathe on me to make sure…there was a human connection.” He then went on to say she’d go home and bring in pillows from her home for him.

He has told this version of the story before.

It is unlikely that it happened the way Biden described it. He said that nurses had blown into his nostrils to get Biden moving. In 2020, nurses at the time that he shared this story said they had never heard of it. This is why he always sniffs on people.

There are very few chances that it actually happened as he claimed. It’s unlikely, but it’s Joe Biden and you have to sort out all the lies and fantasy. This story is, just like Corn Pop and the hairy legs, straight-up creepy. He is so strange.