Biden Goes Deeper Into the Briar Patch on Ukraine

Joe Biden has shown admirable courage in defending Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity. The U.S. is now using Kyiv to take out the Russians.

This is a great idea. However, Russia is a nuclear nation and might not like the idea of another nuclear power trying to weaken Russia.

Joe Biden digs deeper into the Ukrainian Briar Patch. He isn’t sure how to get out, like Br’er Rabbit.

Adlai Stevenson (ex-UN Ambassador) famously said that there should only be one coward in any room discussing nuclear war, during an ExCom meeting. This small group of men determines the fate and future of human civilization.

Today, there are no cowards. Just tough men who want to “weaken Russia” and help Ukraine “win the war.” Here is where the enemy is committed, and the Ukrainians are outnumbered and outgunned.

Joe Biden proposes an enormous infusion of the military- and economic aid totaling $33Billion.

Washington Post:  Biden said that while “the cost of the fight was not inexpensive”, he also stated that it would be more costly if we surrender to aggression. These remarks were made from The Roosevelt Room at The White House. ”

Biden suggested that Russian oligarchs be liquidated and their assets are given to Ukraine. Antony Blinken, Secretary of State, stated that the United States would support Sweden, Finland, and other NATO members. However, Biden acknowledged that America may eventually tire of spending billions of dollars on distant wars.

Liberal romanticizing war? The romantic attachment to war was not present in Panama, Iraq, or Afghanistan.

And backing the Ukrainian people with $33 billion won’t stop the Russians from murdering, raping, and burning their way across Ukraine. So the idea that this is some kind of choice is nonsense. The Russians are going to do what the Russians do no matter how much we give Ukraine.

These atrocities are not going to stop. The more money we spend in the war, we will be more committed to “victory”. Russia will not give up the fight against Ukraine and surrender the field to them.

The military assistance, which includes artillery, armored vehicles, advanced air defense systems, and anti-armor capabilities, could be used by Ukraine to help it in its fight for its east. Officials claim that the battle will be fought initially from afar as Russia attempts to trap Ukrainian forces.

The fight in Donbas (also known as the east) will accelerate over the next few days. According to the Pentagon, this could explain why large numbers of Russian troops have started to leave Mariupol.

What if Russia defies every expectation and allows the Ukrainian resistance to the East? The U.S. and NATO would be embarrassed by Biden’s war and would have to decide whether they would finance insurgents in eastern Ukraine.

Biden is following a risky route that will yield little in return and increase the risk of war.

Where’s a coward when we need one?