Biden Expects American Citizens to Leave Gaza Through Rafah Border Crossing

President Biden announced on Wednesday that the United States has secured safe passage into Gaza for both injured Palestinians and foreign nationals.

In a blog on X, Biden stated that he expects American citizens to depart today. He also said more will leave over the next couple of days.

He said: “We won’t stop until we have the Americans out of Gaza.”

Following Qatar-mediated talks, Egypt and Israel reached an agreement allowing limited evacuations of Gaza residents into Egypt through the Rafah crossing.

A source familiarized with the agreement said to Reuters that it allows Gaza residents critically injured as well as foreign passport holders, to be evacuated. No timetable for the duration of this crossing has been set.

Due to the agreement, it was reported that dozens of foreigners with passports entered the crossing on Wednesday morning.

Israeli forces had just entered the second phase in their war with Hamas at the time of the negotiations. Israel Defense Forces have increased their ground operations in Gaza in order to remove Hamas terrorists’ fortified positions and tunnels.

The military officials warned that the campaign would be long and difficult. So far, at least 16 Israeli soldiers have been killed in the fighting.