Biden Appointed A Drag Queen Who Participates In Bestiality To DOE

We are constantly told there are 81,000,000 Morons Joe Biden was elected president of the United States by his fellow citizens with only a few supporters from corrupt voting officials in just a few states. Everyone should have the opportunity to see it in action. We cannot explain why this hiring changes our policy on managing spent nuclear fuel. 

A drag queen and LGBTQ+ activist, she was recently hired by the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy. She also gave lectures at colleges about kink and took part in interviews on fetish roleplay. Sam Brinton is a high-ranking Biden official.

Brinton, who opposed “gay conversion therapy”, was appointed Deputy Secretary of Spent Fuel Waste Disposition at the Office of Nuclear Energy.

Brinton is an active member of Washington, D.C.’s chapter of a drag queen society called the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” which lists him as its principal contact regarding its 2016 and 2018 tax forms.

It’s worth mentioning that the “Sisters of Perpetual indulgence”, which ridicule Catholics, are also anti-Catholic.

Although there are many sites that provide more information, this site is generally rated as PG. Let me know if you need them.

It’s difficult to imagine this particular hire being anything other than an overt effort by the Biden White House (the White House staff officer approved it) to troll Americans that don’t like sexual deviance.

Have a look at other similar cases created by academia or government. A professor who tried to normalize pedophilia, or “minor-attracted persons,” was fired from another university.

However, this does not mean that drag queens are to be considered pedophilia.

Brinson’s behavior should not be viewed as a sexual prude. Brinson seems devoid of personality traits that do not involve trying to shock or draw attention to himself. However, when this becomes part of your public persona it can reflect on the collective sanity of the people who hired him.

Biden may have the right to hire any personnel he chooses, but we must know all details so that we can influence his personnel decisions.