Atlanta Suburb Pushes to Secede From City Due to Surging Crime

A suburb of Atlanta wants to secede from the capital city of the Peach State. Violent crime is rampant in this area.

Bill White is the CEO of Buckhead City Committee. He has spoken out about the destruction of the city’s streets by crime and the consequences of defunding police forces.

White stated that he feels like the area is a war zone and that he does not take it lightly, considering what he’s seen in war zones. “This is murder and mayhem… We are dealing with a mayor who voted to defund the police.”

He said, “It’s obvious that police officers don’t want to work with a mayor or a city that doesn’t support them.” Buckhead is determined to handle this problem.

As of June 18, rapes have increased by 80%, burglaries by 26%, and robberies by 8%.

The wealthy Atlanta enclave has been fighting to become independent of the state’s capital as rampant crime has plagued the neighborhood, but has been unsuccessful so far in getting the measure on an election ballot.

“We’re short 180 police officers, so what are we supposed to do?” White said. “They said this has never been done taking a part of a city out and making its own city from that, but we’re going to do it, and we’re going to absolutely love our police.”

He said, “We’re going to pay them, give ’em a car, and we’ll welcome them.” “We will honor them every day, make up the dumbest move of defunding the police. We’ll turn that on its head once and for all. ”

White reaffirmed his support for Gov. Brian Kemp who will face off against Stacey Abrams (a Democrat) for the governorship in Nov.

“Thanks to Gov. Kemp, he’s come in to help save Buckhead, but he’s not the mayor of Atlanta, so that’s a temporary fix for what we’re endorsing,” White said. “But if Stacey Abrams was the governor, this wouldn’t be happening, so that’s why we’re voting for Brian Kemp for governor.”