As Expected, Biden Continues to Avoid the Media

We’ve come to expect Joe Biden hiding from the public eye after he spent a year running for president from his basement. Many on the right pointed out that Biden’s campaign managers took advantage of the pandemic in order to keep him as far away from the public eye as possible so voters wouldn’t see his mental decline.

Biden, despite insisting that he was ready for the presidency, has not been more accessible since taking office. According to, a database that tracks presidential news conferences and is maintained by the University of Santa Barbara’s American Presidency Project (USBAP), Biden is the most inaccessible president since Ronald Reagan.

Joe Biden held nine press conferences in his first year of office as of Nov. 20. This is an average of one per month. Donald Trump was far more accessible than his predecessor. He held 21 press conferences in his first year of office.

Biden’s inaccessibility to the media is despite historical inflation, high gas prices, and high gas prices, as well as record crime and an ongoing pandemic. Although he has a lot to answer for, it seems that his handlers are aware of the fact that he is not up to the task.