AOC Makes Mind-Numbing Claim About Constitutional Duty of Congress to Rein in SCOTUS

Ronald Reagan once said that “The problem with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant” and I had serious doubts about Rep. Alexandria-Ocasio (D-NY)’s first quote. Especially when AOC goes way over her skis on U.S. Constitution. The best part? It’s the best part? She does it with as much arrogance and defiance as she can.

As previously reported, AOC declared, in reference to the Supreme Court’s decision to hear a 2020 election-related case, “We are witnessing a judicial coup in process.” Then, in typical Socialist Barbie AOC fashion, her comments got even stupider:

We are witnessing a judicial coup. The Court signals that they will be coming for the Presidential election next if Congress and the President don’t stop the Court from ruling now. This Constitutional crisis must be recognized by all our leaders, regardless of party.

Melodramatic, much?

Things got really bad. Emphasis, mine:

Personally, I believe Clarence Thomas should be impeached. It is astonishing that anyone would find this controversial. It is fundamentally delegitimizing to Supreme Court that Clarence Thomas and his colleagues have engaged in misconduct. We are responsible for reining them in.

Analyze: What is wrong with me?

Your humble conservative political pundit may not challenge the constitutional skills of the former bartender. But I will do it via the official Supreme Court site.

The Court is the supreme tribunal of the Nation in all matters and controversies that arise under the Constitution or laws of the United States. The Court, as the final arbiter and judge of the law, is responsible for ensuring that the American people receive equal justice. It also serves as a guardian and interpreter of the Constitution.

Any questions, Alex? Let’s now take on the role of the House of Representatives.

The Constitution states that the U.S. House of Representatives is responsible for making and passing federal laws. The House is one of two chambers of Congress (the other being the U.S. Senate) and is part of the federal government’s legislative branch. The law limits the number of representatives to the House to 435. This is proportional to the population of all 50 states.

Memo to AOC

Although it is true that a Supreme Court justice could be impeached by Congress, with a simple majority vote in both the House and Senate, it hasn’t happened since 1805. Moreover, contrary to what AOC and her smug Democrat colleagues are trying to convey, impeachment shouldn’t be used to punish justices for their decisions, as the Brennan Center for Justice explains.

The impeachment power is primarily in the hands of politicians. However, it can be threatened for partisan reasons. In reality, the impeachment or removal of judges is rare and typically limited to serious ethical or criminal misconduct like perjury or conflicts of interest.

The United States Constitution does not provide any guidance on what offenses are grounds for impeachment.

Judges, like other government officials, can be impeached and convicted for “Treason or Bribery” and other high crimes and misdemeanors. However, Article III, Section 1 states that judges “shall keep their offices while they are good.”

“Historical practice suggests that there is a strong tradition against impeaching judges in judicial rulings,” stated the Brennan Center, citing William Rehnquist, late-Chief Justice.

Rehnquist wrote a historical study of judicial impeachment. He noted that the early historical uses for the power of impeachment established a norm that “judicial actions — their rulings on the bench — would not be grounds for removal from office through impeachment or conviction.”

However, I am sure that Rehnquist was also lacking the constitutional chops of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

The bottom line

As I have said many times, the hypocrisy on the left is unbridled. Two perfect examples will suffice.

First, Roe v. Wade was overturned. AOC, the whole Democrat Party, and liberal media sock puppets would have histrionically complained about the “delegitimized court” refusing to perform its “constitutional obligation” by refusing protection to babies born to abortion-on-demand until birth if SCOTUS had upheld Roe. This same party who obscenely claims that it protects America’s kids? Please.

The 2016 presidential election, about which Hillary still whines. The election results were reversed with Trump winning the popular votes and Hillary winning the Electoral College. Would the Democrats and their puppets in state media have demanded the dissolution of the Electoral College? Another rhetorical question is, of course.

If the Democrat Party is unable to win its case, its first instinct is to cheat. (See: 2016 election.) Democrats are determined to make sure that cheating is not allowed. (See: The Electoral College, Packing for the Supreme Court.

Democrats are fortunate to have Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, to whom they can go for insightful insight and solutions to all the things she (and they!) remain clueless about.