Antifa Ordered to Pay Journalist Andy Ngo $300,000 for Assault

Andy Ngo is a Hong Kong journalist who has been investigating Antifa for years and has been attacked many times because of it. He was beaten by Antifa actors in Portland, Oregon, in June 2019, in the “milkshake” incident. They threw projectiles at him and hit him with plywood hard-edged sign placards and carbon-hardened tactical gloves. He was severely injured and suffered a brain injury.

The video below shows an attack in which he was sprayed and hit with projectiles.

The incident of 2019 has finally brought him a victory.

Harmeet Dhillon announced his victory through the Center for American Liberty. She said that two defendants “escaped justice” but they reached a settlement with the other three. In a tumultuous court case, two defendants were found innocent after the defense attorney told the jury she was Antifa. She will “remember” their faces. Ngo’s group is now celebrating its victory over other teams.

The court rendered an award for Ngo against the three defendants who were in default of $300,000—to be split equally among the three defendants, Corbyn “Katherine” Belyea, Madison “Denny” Lee Allen, and Sammich Overkill Schott-Deputy. (formerly Joseph Evans).

Ngo called it a “vindication.” He said that he would continue to hold Antifa accountable for their violent actions.

Antifa is difficult to hold accountable in liberal areas like Portland, Oregon. Liberal prosecutors dismissed or didn’t pursue cases against Antifa, despite the evidence. Antifa felt emboldened and thought they could get away with it.

Ngo has shown Antifa that they can’t get away with much. They will be held accountable, even if he’s able to collect monetary compensation. The fact that they were beaten will likely anger them more. And this will happen in Portland too.