Anne Heche Drinking Vodka With Wine Chasers in Podcast Posted Before Horrific Los Angeles Crash

Anne Heche “drank vodka” with “wine chasers” during a “Better Together” podcast recording with co-host Heather Duffy, which was posted hours before the fiery collision Heche reportedly caused on Friday when she crashed her Mini Cooper into a home in Mar Vista, California. The Apple podcast was published on Friday and then removed from the platform. It’s unclear when the episode was taped.
Heche joked with listeners that they would have to “keep their fingers crossed” that Heche or Heche would be able to complete the recording.

“Our friends gave us one bottle so we each have one. Before she said it, she admitted that she had done a “terrible advertisement” for the brand.

Duffy stated that a doctor had advised them to drink vodka instead of wine.

“And we listened!” Heche said, apparently while murmuring the name of the podcast’s podcast. It was removed from the platform.

She also stated that today was a special day. Some days can be so bad that it’s hard for some people to believe.

Heche, 53, and her tenant miraculously survived a near-fatal collision. Heche was just minutes away from colliding with a garage door in an apartment building across the street.

Residents of the residential community claimed that they attempted to help the actress before her car drove away.

A few minutes later, the star of the show, “Donnie Brasco,” crashed her car into the house. She then lit a fire that engulfed the house.

She sustained burn injuries and was conscious and breathing when she was removed from the vehicle. The authorities placed her on a stretcher, and she suddenly stood up while they raced to take her to an ambulance. The scene was captured on video.

Los Angeles Fire Department released an official statement saying that the vehicle was driven only by one person at the time it collided with a 1952 two-story house.

This is a clip from Fox News:

According to the statement, it took 65 minutes for the 49 firefighters to extinguish the flames. LAFD Paramedics took one female adult from the vehicle to a local hospital where she was in critical condition. ”

Heche representatives didn’t respond to our immediate request for comment.

Heche’s Los Angeles accident witness shared details about Saturday’s smash.

Lynne Bernstein was a witness and described the accident to be “horrific”, saying that Heche couldn’t breathe while trying to get out of her Mini Cooper.

Bernstein said that the smoke was becoming too intense and was making it difficult to see.

Bernstein said that Heche’s car hit the neighbor’s home after another car was seen driving down his street. Bernstein also stated this to Bernstein.

Bernstein noted that Dave, a neighbor asked Heche if Heche was alright. Heche said she was not. The Los Angeles Fire Department arrived on the scene and asked nearby residents if they knew any. The first responders were then informed that there was a female inside.

The tenant of the house ran out of her home via a side room. She was shocked at what had happened and told the people outside “Get out of here!” ”

Yaroslav Borets stated that the crash had “scared everybody in the neighborhood.” “This is something that we will never forget. Borets said that his neighborhood was not like the one where everyone knows everyone. “