Angry Public Confronts Climate Activists After Road and Airport Blockades

Climate activists have tried to make their protests more radical in an attempt to gain attention. The attention they get is mostly negative, as in the case of their attack on Claude Monet at Sweden’s National Museum. They brought everyone together against them.

Germany is a liberal country and it’s probably fair to say that many of its people believe in the climate change rhetoric promoted by the left. Even Germans are getting frustrated with climate activists of the “Letze Generation” (Last Generation), who over the last few months have not only blocked the roads and even stuck themselves to them but also tried to stop airplanes from taking off from airports.

The public is being blocked from traveling, and they are trying to make them care about their cause.

The group’s activists blocked air traffic at two airports by sticking themselves to the runways as a protest against pollution from mass transit. This caused hours of delays and hundreds of cancellations.

DW, a German news outlet, reported that 46 flights were delayed, canceled, or diverted in Hamburg. The protest took place on the first day of summer school vacations in the city.

The Transport Minister Volker Wissing stated that “the Last Generation” is not protecting the environment, but rather committing criminal acts.

The group also staged a similar demonstration in April when they glued themselves to the streets of Berlin, blocking traffic toward the Alps. They were again trying to disrupt holiday plans for residents and tourists.

It’s actually having the opposite impact and igniting people’s anger. German citizens now drag activists off the road. In one instance, a woman dubbed “brutal blonde”, by the media, pulled a woman by her hair away from blocking traffic. The “brutal blonde”, who was dubbed the “brutal blonde”, dragged the activist out of the road again when she tried to return.

Germans on social media praised the blonde’s actions.

Some people are filming these encounters and others are driving by them, knocking them down in the process. This occurred last Wednesday.

The above incident did not result in any injuries.

The first responders’ attempts to remove the activists from the road were not very successful. As the firefighter attempts to remove him from the road, you can hear one of them screaming in German and yelling curse words.

Warning: Graphic language

This will not only irritate people and make them hate these activists but also be a bad thing to do if you claim that you are concerned about the climate and emissions which could harm it. Stopping all these cars will cause you to emit more pollution. This is a stupid move.

Blocking airports could now result in even greater consequences.

Marco Buschmann, the German justice minister, warned Last Generation activists that they could face criminal charges as well as civil claims for “damages worth millions of Euros”.

He told Bild newspaper that the activists alienated people and “they make themselves liable for prosecution.” A runway obstruction is a serious interference with air traffic that can be punished by 10 years in prison.

It looks like the Germans are finally fed up.