America’s Men Are Struggling Due to a Deep-Rooted Lie

America, above all else, needs men who are stronger. This includes better-paying jobs, safer streets, and stronger borders. The left has spent years putting men down and blaming them for everything from “the patriarchy” to climate change. They’re wrong. Stronger, better men for America are the solution.

The men of this country are not doing well. The numbers speak for themselves. The men are more lonely than ever. More men than ever are leaving the workforce. Drug and alcohol abuse is on the rise. As they put off getting married and having children, more people are putting off a college degree.

We would call this a national emergency if any other group of people were struggling in the same way. It is.

The left does not see it this way. The left blames boys and men. They claim that all masculinity is toxic, and to simply be a male is to make things worse in the world. They want to get rid of “traditional masculinity”.

Leftists are trying to re-educate boys as early as kindergarten. Boys who play aggressively will be punished and if they refuse, medicated. They are denied the good-paying manufacturing jobs their fathers had because the ruling class has long since moved those jobs abroad. Instead, they find themselves on college campuses surrounded by activists who hate them. Popular culture continues to bang this drum: When men aren’t idiots, they’re actively bad.

This criticism of men is founded on a lie. Men are not supposed to be heroes, leaders or creators. They should only be consumers who look out for themselves.

In fact, the truth is quite the opposite. Men need to step up.

The men of America have the power to change this country. Want to stop the epidemic of poverty among children? Encourage a man to contribute to his family. Do you want to stop the violence among youth? Bring your father into the picture. Men can bring order and peace to a nation in crisis. They can alter the fate of their families, and even entire neighborhoods. Once their power is tapped, it can have a powerful and world-changing effect.

But power alone isn’t sufficient. When power is used for the right purposes, it becomes a true force for good. We need a guide or a road map for what it takes to be a man of virtue.

We should also turn to our fathers’ faith.

The left also attacks the traditional faith in the same breath as they attack traditional masculinity. It’s not a coincidence. Since the beginning of time, men have turned to their faith and to the Bible to help them understand who they are. Our ancient faith can help us in this turbulent time.

The Bible’s story is much more than a collection of familiar stories. It’s an invitation for men to find their place within the universe, to play their part in a grand story that gives their lives meaning.

The Bible tells us that men have a responsibility to bring order into the world. They are to transform chaos into beauty, and the wilderness into a beautiful garden. For every man to accomplish this noble task, he must first form his character. He must then shape his soul. The road to manhood leads to virtue.

The men are to develop the character of fathers and husbands. Men are called to humbly accept themselves and give themselves to others, as Abraham did for his wife Sarah.

The character of a warrior and builder is what men are called to be. They must fight evil and bring order out of chaos just as Joshua fought the monsters in Canaan, and David built the temple of God.

Men are called to be priests and rulers. They must carry the promise of eternal life everywhere they go, and use their powers to preserve truth and freedom.

For years, American men heard only one story: that they are outmoded and oppressive and the best thing they can do is to stand aside and allow today’s elites to run things. Our culture preaches this story from cradle-to-grave. Stand back. Be passive. It will only make the situation worse.

It’s time for a new story. It’s time for our men and boys to take the lead.

This is how you can transform a country.