Amazon Driver Falls Into Septic Tank, Documents Experience in Series of TikTok Videos

Amazon driver found himself recently in what he described as “a s***ty circumstance.”

Charles Amicangel945, the driver on TikTok was going along his delivery route and was just about to start his day when he came across a hole in his ground. Charles was about six feet from a septic tank when the hole in the ground collapsed. Charles did then what most other victims of a sinkhole in a septic tank would do: He recorded his experience and posted it to social media.

“I’m like 6 feet down and I tried using these roots around me to get out but it just pulled more dirt over top of me so I called dispatch,” Charles, who is @dovahkiin0103 reported the incident in the first video.

He added, “The walls are kinda caving in on me”

Charles continued to suffer in poverty despite being called for help. The second video showed that help was coming but that Charles had to stay standing in a few feet of sewage.

He claimed that he was standing in knee-deep sludge and piss while panning the camera to reveal murky, gray liquid. He also mentioned a rabbit that had fallen into the sludge and might have died.

Charles understandably stated, “I’m not digging for it.” “So, the rabbit’s gone.”

He stated that he tried to pull himself out by pulling on the roots and vines, but these efforts only caused the hole to deteriorate further.

Charles said, “I don’t want to die in somebody’s f***in, shit.”

As firefighters were also concerned about self-rescue, he was correct to be cautious. Charles was told by the fire chief “Don’t move!”

Charles was finally able to climb out of the hole after rescue teams, which included firefighters, police officers, an ambulance, and “a flying helicopter”.

The third video was taken later from Charles’ delivery vehicle. Charles had time to take a quick shower before going back to work. He had only “about 100 stops left” before he collapsed into the hole stuffed with “feces, urine, and all that good stuff.” Amazon “sent someone” to take 50 deliveries off of him. He said it was cool.

He said, “I guess that I’m too nice.”

Charles claimed that he was going to complete his route. He then warned others to be safe and watch out for “sinkholes and septic tanks”

He concluded, “Just keep moving on people.”

Charles didn’t say when or whereabouts the incident took place, even though the videos were uploaded to TikTok Wednesday. Charles also didn’t mention whether he sought medical attention for exposure to hazardous materials.