All Hell Breaks Loose After Bette Midler Puts Foot in Her Mouth Over Baby Formula Crisis

As we have previously reported, this baby formula shortage is real in the United States. The Biden White House has been unsurprisingly caught in a strangely stale response to it. Infuriated parents with infant children in America discovered this week that pallets containing baby formula were found near the southern border. This is a stark contrast to what one sees in the baby formula aisles at drug and grocery stores across the country.

This situation makes the Biden Administration look more incompetent every day there’s a shortage. The Usual Suspects rush to rescue by blaming everyone except Biden for the ongoing supply chain crisis.

Stephanie Ruhle from MSDNC, one of the network’s most prominent Democrat apologists was one such media figure. She took to Twitter to blame “an incredible secret oligopoly” and “hugely restrictive regulation” for the crisis.

Hacktress Bette Midler responded to Ruhle’s tweet with a hot take she probably regrets. She exclaimed, “TRY BREASTFEEDING!” It’s available upon request and is free!

Imagine opening your mouth, and then inserting your foot.

There are many reasons why a mother might choose to use baby formula instead of breast milk. This is what thousands of mothers, including Kayleigh McEnany, who was criticized by Midler, have explained.

Even Bette’s “woke” fans took her to the task.

Then there was this, and so much more:

It turns out that “learning before tweeting” as well as “having compassion” on Twitter are in short supply in this country, particularly when it comes to celebrities who are out of touch and elitist with too much time and money.