Alex Murdaugh Admits Lying About Dogs Causing Gloria Satterfield’s Fatal Fall

In a court filing filed Monday, Alex Murdaugh said that he lied to his insurance companies when he claimed that his deceased housekeeper Gloria Satterfield fell because of the family dogs.

Satterfield died on Feb. 26, 2018, after tumbling on the steps of the family’s main residence at the family’s former South Carolina hunting estate known as Moselle.

Murdaugh’s attorneys wrote that “No dogs were responsible for the fall of Gloria Satterfield” in response to Nautilus Insurance Company’s fraud suit against him. “After Ms. Satterfield died the defendant invented the purported statement that she fell because of dogs to force his insurance company to pay a settlement.”

Nautilus sued Murdaugh, his former friend, ex-attorney Cory Fleming, and others for fraud after they allegedly pocketed $3.8 million from Nautilus and $500,000 from Lloyd’s of London that should have gone to the Satterfield children.

Nautilus accuses Murdaugh of a fraud insurance scheme, by encouraging Satterfield’s children to sue and then filling his pockets.

Murdaugh told Satterfield’s boys that no settlement had been reached because he and co-conspirators spent the windfall.

Murdaugh’s attorneys point out in their reply that the Satterfields were awarded over $7.5M based on allegations that the disbarred lawyer had stolen money from insurance that was supposed to go to them.

The document contends that the Satterfield estate was not entitled to receive the funds if Murdaugh had lied about the circumstances surrounding the fall.

Eric Bland, the lawyer who represents the family of the deceased housekeeper, claims that Murdaugh has lied yet again in order to avoid a judgment against him and encourage Nautilus Estate to sue Satterfield.

Murdaugh signed a $4.3 Million judgment for the Satterfield family, which was voluntarily done by him.

“He is not to be trusted.” Bland said, “He’s a murderer who has been convicted and is a known liar.”

Murdaugh received two life sentences in March for the murders of his son Paul, 22, and wife Maggie, 52, which occurred in June 2021. He is appealing the verdict.

Murdaugh confessed to lying for years to his family, friends, and clients.

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division is currently investigating the death of Satterfield.

Murdaugh’s courtroom battles have not yet ended. He was indicted on over 100 counts for financial crimes stemming out of the theft of almost $9 million by his former law office, clients, and Satterfield Children.