Actress Criticizes LGBTQ Laws, Admits All Her Children Are Gay

Marcia Gay Harden is an actress and activist who has raised money to support a telethon against anti-LGBTQ legislation. She admitted that all of her children are “queer”.

Drag artists, LGBTQ celebrities, and other “allies” appeared in a four-hour telethon entitled Drag Isn’t Dangerous, attacking Republican legislation which prohibits sexuality lessons in schools and children attending drag shows. They recorded and live recorded comments about how important it is to support the queer community.

Harden spoke about her personal motives and revealed her children’s sexuality.

Harden said, “They are my children and I learn from them every single day.”

She also added that GOP legislation “is based on fear” and “spreads this type of fear and hatred among other people.” “I think that this country will fight against it. ”

Different state laws have been introduced that prohibit children from attending drag performances or increase penalties for those who expose children to obscene material.

Tennessee became the first state to limit drag performances in March. The state now prohibits drag performances within 1,000 feet of schools, parks, or places of worship that could have children present. A fine of up to $2,500, or a maximum prison term of one year would be the punishment.

Later that month, a federal judge temporarily blocked this law after Friends of George’s theatre group sued it claiming First Amendment violations.

Buck Newton, the Republican State Senator in North Carolina who sponsored the legislation, suggested including drag shows in the law.

The “Drag Shows Aren’t Dangerous” event raised over $500,000 from 5,000 donors. “All net proceeds will go to approved charities,” stated the organizers. These charities help LGBTQIA+ causes and drag performers in need.

GoFundMe is still accepting donations after the official end of Tuesday’s telethon.