Kodak Black’s Attorney Outraged at Favorable Treatment for Hunter Biden: ‘Inequitable Justice System’

The American justice system is once again in the spotlight amid the cultural and political turmoil that has swept the nation. It’s not only conservatives this time who are raising their voices. Bradford Cohen, the lawyer for hip-hop artist Kodak, has the same concerns. This issue is about the perceived difference in legal outcomes between President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and Kodak.

Hunter Biden made recent headlines when he pleaded guilty to willful non-payment of income taxes and illegally possessing a firearm. This is a serious transgression because federal law prohibits drug users from owning firearms. Hunter’s sentence, which consisted of a plea agreement with no jail time, surprised many observers. This has caused outrage across all ideological spectrums.

Cohen, who represents Kodak Black has been especially outspoken. Black was charged with similar gun charges in 2019. He had lied about federal firearm forms and deceived the salesman. His punishment? His punishment?

Cohen told Fox News Digital that “there’s no way to avoid jail time for a gun offense of any kind.” In a previous Instagram post, Cohen hinted that he was using a double standard. “2 levels of justice?” Kodak had been charged with the same crime. Over 3 years. Mr. Biden won’t serve a single day. Does it feel right? “Do FBI agents and federal officials take cases personally?”

Hunter Biden’s and Kodak Black’s situations are strikingly similar, yet the outcomes of both were radically different. Cohen and others have questioned if justice treats people differently because of their race, socioeconomic status, or political affiliation.

Reeve Swainston, a federal prosecutor, agrees completely with Cohen’s comments. Swainston explained on Twitter: “As FedProsecutor, I have prosecuted hundreds of gun cases and dozens of tax cases. But what jumps out the most for me is his report of getting Pre-Trial Diversion in this count. This is unheard of. This NEVER happens. This means that he’s NOT pleading guilty to a crime as alleged. He’s actually pleading for NOTHING. After a certain period, he will need to “be an excellent Hunter”, after which the count will be DISMISSED!”

Swainston says that this is an “abomination of justice I have never seen before.” Imagine that he will not be a felony, and thus retain his rights under the second amendment to own or operate any gun he chooses.

The contrast between the sentences of Hunter Biden versus Kodak Black has sparked a debate on the fairness and efficiency of the U.S. Justice System. The critics argue that, if Biden is granted leniency, then why shouldn’t the same be extended to African Americans who face similar charges?

Of course, to ask the question means to answer it. Hunter Biden was given a special deal as he is the son of President Biden. And Kodak Black? He’s a black hip-hop musician from the hood. Democrats think that people like him should be rotting in prison.