430K+ Criminal Offenses Committed by Illegal Immigrants in Texas

This massive new population will burden [Americans] and transform their communities without their consent. Todd Bensman, of the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington DC, recently testified to Congress about how illegal immigration harms Americans. He noted that since 2011, illegal aliens in Texas have committed more than 430,000 crimes.

Bensman emphasized the negative impact of illegal immigration on cities and taxpayers, as well as the strain on the government’s resources. He also criticized the Biden administration for its disastrous border policies.

The Biden Administration put a stop to the required border enforcement and released the majority of illegal immigrants into the country, where they are likely to stay for the rest of their lives.

On their cell phones, which every immigrant possesses, they spread the word about this amazing bonanza along the migration trail. In a 30-month period, more than 4,000,000 people have probably entered the United States from the border. If you count the estimated 1.7 million who were never apprehended. It is possible that as many as 6 million mostly uneducated, needy immigrants will be living in the U.S.

In a short time, millions of entries prompted by the policy have already had – and will continue to have – unplanned impacts on the public welfare system, social security, health care, housing, the labor market, schools, and criminal justice systems.

There are also criminal offenses that illegal aliens commit. According to Bensman, these crimes should have been prevented. These illegals shouldn’t even be in America. It is clear that the government should do everything possible to reduce illegal immigration and crime. However, instead, they are obscuring data and facts which could show how many crimes the illegals commit.

Texas has some statistics which can shed light on the issue:

The Texas Department of Public Safety can learn the immigration status of those booked in local jails by a program that submits fingerprints for FBI criminal background and warrant checks and DHS…

This glimpse is not representative of the future, as it does not reflect the likely higher numbers. However, it shows a trend that will be evident in America. Between June 1, 2011, and July 31, 2022, these illegal aliens have been charged with over 433,000 criminal offenses.

This is hundreds of thousands in preventable crimes. Border Patrol arrested 12,000 criminals illegally during Fiscal Year 2022. Unfortunately, the Biden Administration does not make catching criminals and punishing them a priority.