1619 Project Author Receives $29K In Taxpayer Funds From Public Library For 1-Hour Speaking Event

According to the New York Post, $29,350 was given by Fairfax County Public Library to Nikole Hannah Jones, author of “1619 Project”, for a one-hour speaking event.

Hannah-Jones was the author of the controversial New York Times Magazine series, “The 1619 Project,” that attempted to show the United States as a racist system. Hulu has released an adaptation of Hannah Jones’ project earlier this month.

Northern Virginia residents were furious that Hannah-Jones was paid $29,350 by the taxpayers after a local library wrote a check for $33,350 to Hannah-Jones. Hannah-Jones will earn $589 per minute for the McLean Community Center speaking engagement next month.

Fairfax County Times reported Hannah-Jones’ contract for Virginia library included non-stop, direct first-class flight tickets, hotel accommodations and ground transportation. It also covered “$350.00 to pay speaker’s out-of-pocket expenses.”

Virginia taxpayers were furious when they found out that Fairfax County Public Library had spent $22,500 on IbramX. Kendi’s virtual talk for one hour.

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Kendi is a supporter for critical race theory and the author of “How to Be an Antiracist,” “How to Raise an Antiracist,” and “Antiracist Baby.”

Residents were particularly upset that the public library gave substantial taxpayer money to speakers after it announced last summer that there were “ongoing staff recruitment difficulties” that forced it to reduce its operating hours.

Michael Albin, a Fairfax County Taxpayers Alliance member and local resident, said that Hannah-Jones was being paid for her star power and not for sharing her ideas. He claimed that the library was using public funds to promote propaganda programming.

“You can read her book (at a library) to get her ideas. Albin stated that you can also read them online for free. “She was invited to undermine American history and ideals at an library talk. And when? This is on Presidents Day weekend, which is a patriotic national holiday. I don’t know of any other way to describe this as sabotage our values.

William Denk, a local resident, asked the Board of Supervisors for Kendi’s and Hannah-Jones to “return these money to Fairfax County in order to help our local homeless population.”

Denk stated to the Fairfax County Times that “By my estimations, the Fairfax County Public Library uses over $60,000 in taxpayer money to host Ibram Kendi or Nikole Hannah Jones as speakers.”

According to the Daily Wire, Hannah-Jones earned more than $1 million in 2022 for giving speeches on racism and inequality in America. According to another contract, Hannah-Jones was paid more than $100,000 by Indiana taxpayers for a lecture at a university.

Jessica Hudson, Fairfax County Library director, stated to the New York Post that McLean Community Center (MCC), and Fairfax County Public Library(FCPL) offer a range of programs that are of interest to the diverse community.

Hudson said, “For many years, The Alden [Theater] has partnered with FCPL to present notable authors through MCC’s Perspectives Speaker Series.” “This year, Black History Month will see us partner to bring Nikole Hannah Jones, Pulitzer Prize winner, who will talk about her work on The 1619 Project.

Hudson pointed out that the event is open to all, and it is free of charge. This is in keeping with Fairfax County’s One Fairfax Policy as well as the MCC Governing Board’s commitment to diversity and equity.